September 20th . 2018

Bus Update

The kids have a renewed interest in riding the bus all of a sudden which is great since they’ll still be riding it every day and why was there ever any question? The renewed interest is all because they can now listen to music on their iPods, which they say makes the bus ride so much “quieter”. Fine. Good. Whatever it takes.

And then suddenly my hacker children did this. From the bus…

And it seems I can officially rest easy knowing that my kids will survive since they have discovered how to connect to WiFi anywhere. But they still cannot survive without ME since I, apparently, am the errand monkey and shoe schlepper.

September 18th . 2018

Funny How That Works

Today, Tuesday, I was stuck in the middle of a lake in a broken down pontoon boat at 1pm with my MTB crew. It was the most relaxed and joyful I’ve been in a long, long time. Funny. But true.

September 17th . 2018

Bastien’s epic MiSCA MTB Race – Lake Orion, September 2018

What!? We made it to one of the mountain bike races Bastien trained all summer for but seemed destined never to race due to hockey. It was an incredible win in every way.

First, that we could get there precisely when he needed to check in, straight out of feet in hockey skates for days.

Second, that my parents were willing to pick up and deliver every crazy odd and end necessary for racing bikes. Including matching socks from within his sock drawer.

Third that he fell on the trail, popped off his chain, fixed it, and still made the podium. (He said his strategy was to not even look at his damaged legs until he was finished).

And let’s not forget (fourth) that a few years ago (after a similarly scary crash) he said he would never race a mountain bike again.

Dude. This guy killed it. 100% grind. I am proud of him most of the time, but this really was a feat, and my cowbell has never been louder.

PS. He bunny hopped the finish line. It was adorable.

September 16th . 2018

Early Bird Tournament, Port Huron 2018

Phew. That was one tough weekend. Well, tough on the ice, getting blown out repeatedly (and one tie). BUT the boy bonding was all worth it. So many happy moments almost getting kicked out of our hotel. Bastien made his main priority packing the Nintendo Switch and inviting everyone into our room. It was wild.

He also had a brief stint in the penalty box for “Kronwalling” a boy who kept swearing at him. He loved it and says he wants to be the new Kronwall when he grows up. All talk, I promise.

I also promise this will be a very fun season. It is already.

September 13th . 2018

Happy 14th Birthday, Mazzy

Mazzy started her birthday off by bursting into Bastien’s room to wake him up promptly at 6am – ready to get the party started! This is so out of character for her, we could only imagine she has been taking notes on the kids’ similar birthday procedure.

Sadly, she waited until 8:30pm to receive any gifts. But this did not stop her from parading around the house with her new prized rawhide, growling at little dog Tonka whenever she came within 10 feet. Unlike Mazzy’s 6am wake up, THIS is standard behavior for her and it delighted me to know she’s still very young at heart indeed.

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