May 23rd . 2016

Summertime Soul Stretch 

We’re spending all summer fasting from the things that erode our souls and feeding on the things that nourish them. I don’t know about you, but it’s going to take me a week (at least) to set myself up to be successful in this. If your soul is feeling crowded or clouded by anything but pure joy and hope, I invite you to join me in this movement. 

May 22nd . 2016

A Horse Recital

I hesitate to post any pictures from my phone yet because Jim’s will be infinitely more beautiful.But Hadley just really owned her first ever recital this weekend and it was very exciting to witness. It sure as heck made up for all the grief I felt dragging her into lessons a few weeks in a row last winter when she developed sudden anxiety. She has completely overcome her fear now and her confidence now shines before her beautifully at the barn.

I really needed this parenting moment and will forever cherish it.

May 18th . 2016

All-Cousin Sleepover! (Well Most Anyway)

Immediately following Hadley’s party we just kept, well, partying. It was really fun. A little loud, but mainly fun. We especially loved how everyone was a champ at sleeping when they were supposed to (except Hadley and Bastien, natch). I thought Liam was just such a cute little sleeper and Bastien shared that sentiment. First thing in the morning he even printed out a picture of proof.

These are actually the only two times anyone held still.

May 17th . 2016

Hadley’s 7th Birthday Olympics

Besides the mid-May snow that called for a quick change from backyard Olympics to basement, this party came off without a hitch. Hadley had specific requirements like laurel wreaths, multiple athletic events, an American flag cake, AND cupcake torches…and I think they were all brilliant!

I’m not gonna lie. That was really fun.

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