May 24th . 2018


One other very memorable experience in Denver was eating at Bastien’s restaurant. I mean come on! We did not have the sugar steak, but we did enjoy ginormous burgers and dessert. This was race day after all, when the sky’s the limit on cals. We were almost too lazy to Uber over here, truth be told, but I’m so glad we manned up and did it.

May 22nd . 2018

2018 Milford Elementary Track Meet

Apparently Milford’s been holding this track meet every year, but this was the first we’ve heard of it. We were there handing out fliers for our run camp and Bastien participated in the 4th grade events (100 meter dash and 800 meter run). His buddy from school is practically Usain Bolt as it turns out, which was very fun to watch. Or would have been fun if Hadley wasn’t having an anxiety attack the entire time about not participating because it made her too anxious, and thus not getting a popsicle. Also, Bastien is not the fastest at short events and placed last in the 100. He was about midpack for the 800. But I think by the 2 mile he would have won. It was very interesting to witness untrained, raw running and see that we really all do have specific strong suits and specific limitations. Somehow this should be heartening to us all and apply to all of life, I think.

May 21st . 2018

Colfax Half Marathon

I feel like I can actually talk about it now that every single piece of the journey has seamlessly come and gone. Because for all these months I really did not believe it would happen at all, thanks to our former experience with Frontier Airlines. But they did not fail us one bit this time and in fact every little detail of our racecation went off without a hitch.

The Colfax is really REALLY well organized in case you want to know. Packet pickup was at Mile High Stadium and that was fun. We circled the expo twice, once sipping our pour-over coffees and shopping heavily, which was very fun.

The race itself toured the entire Denver Zoo which was also very fun and THEN the fire department which was staffed with many a hunk to keep us motivated. The post race party was humongous and provided us with beer, a full lunch and more swag than we could even carry. Including nice hot or iced coffee right at the finish (which we did find a way to carry after all).

The fan support was wonderful, as usual. I tried to remember all my favorite signs. Such as…

If you collapse I’ll pause your Garmin

Running is all mental because you are all insane

What Does the Fox say? Run run run run run run run (there was a very spirited guy running by me who shouted/sang this out and then hit the “Power up!” (Lots of these on the course) sign held by the fox-sign-holder-boy’s sister. (Their surprised and delighted giggles kept me going for a Mile at least and was a huge highlight of my race.)

More signs…

I’ve been training for months to hold up this sign

Run for Insta

Run faster, I just farted

You’re running better than our government

The only marathons I do are Netflix binges

Why do all the cute ones run away?

Run for your cheat meal

And last, but not least, the classic… Run bitches!

I did not find the race difficult (hooray!) but opted to keep pace with Mom because that was the whole point. So it was quite wonderful for me to barely suffer from my shoulder problem at all and really get to take it all in (plus take a lot of pictures). Our heart rates were elevated a bit due to the elevation (about 15bpm above average race hr) and I did find that detail interesting after the fact. But I would not say it was a factor for me.

My total time: 2:28:44 with 11:21 pace.

And I would like to add that the course was actually about 1/4 mile long, which EVERYONE around us consistently noted, so I KNOW our Garmins weren’t crazy.

And finally, here are my pics from our wonderful race…

May 17th . 2018

“Hadley Killed It”

Hadley hustled off alone to MTB Club with Daddy this week because Bastien was puking at home. Thankfully she represented, completing her group’s full course for the first time this year!

I’m sure it had everything to do with the gummies courtesy of uncle Brandon I planted in her hydration pack.

When she came home, she had an entire DQ Oreo Brownie Earthquake in her hands. I asked, “what the…?” and she responded with the best little hip wiggle and, “I EARNED IT!”

May 16th . 2018


My mom tells this story about a time in my toddlerhood when I threw a massive screaming fit over something and she finally gave in. Someone judged her and just could not believe my mom gave in to my fit. To which my mom replied, “I’m teaching her persistence pays off.”

That is kind of what happened for twins day at school this week. Hadley begged me to go shopping on Monday to pick out something she and friend Hailey could wear and promised she would pay for it with her own money. She asked a thousand times at least and even resorted to begging Jim to do it. At some point it just clicked for me how important this really was to her, and how seldom she actually gets to do anything with the bit of money she earns for allowance.

I’m very glad I relented.

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