January 16th . 2020

Knit Club

I am so delighted to report that a little dream of mine has rapidly come true. Some of my students and I have formed an after-class knitting club. We started last week by making Joey rescue pouches to send to Australia. There is a backlog of those at present (because so ma h crafters came to the rescue!) so I’m waiting for the green light to actually ship them off.

We have now forged ahead into a Mystery Knit Along project. Just take a second to let that delight you. In case you don’t know (which none of us knitters did) there is this thing that some knitters enjoy which involves getting one piece of a pattern each week until you have finally knit up a whole surprise piece! I know! It is just the most exciting thing.

Well we do know our MKA is a shawl. We just don’t know what it will look like in the end. But here, my friends, is the conclusion of a solid and lovely knitting group hour, and clue (pattern piece) #1.

January 15th . 2020

Last Loose Tooth for TheJLBs!

On Christmas Eve, Hadley pulled her final tooth! With the craziness of the holiday season, you can forgive me for just now remembering this – and recognizing that we will never have another tooth to pull in this house again. Luckily the tooth fairy did NOT forget and came to compensate without causing trouble for Santa. A Christmas miracle of sorts.

January 14th . 2020

Our Siding

I never really took a good hard look at our house after all our new siding was up. Well now we’ve officially agreed to build a new house (gasp!) so I’m looking at it as I try to market it to others.

January 13th . 2020

Half Marathoners In Training

I have this idea for a humongous wall calendar on which you scratch off each workout of your training plan to reveal some kind of surprise kudos. For me, the visual is everything in my motivation to stay on track. And apparently it is for my son, too.

January 12th . 2020

True Love

Nothing says “I love you” more than being willing, no, PREFERRING, to flop down immediately on the sweaty workout clothes you’ve just shed.

January 9th . 2020


To round out our two weeks of holidays, we got in LOTS of good food and running. I will attest this is the first January I’ve ever started with a smaller pants size! Every one of these memories make me feel proud and full!

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