November 12th . 2018

Birthday Wishes

I made some candles for Advent (which was a very engaging and meditative experience in itself). As I was setting them out to photograph, I realized they are the very same wishes and prayers I would have for my next year of life. How wonder-full Jesus is!

November 11th . 2018


For a while we’ve been experiencing wild oscillation between youthful Bastien and teenful Bastien. For example, today when I asked him if he wanted to watch something with me, he replied something snide to the effect of “I want you to be quiet.” I did not take this lightly but I also didn’t feel equipped to properly discipline such cruel and unusual disrespect. After all, this was coming from the same child who on Friday delighted me by making his bed like this…

Bastien, I hope you read this someday and immediately give me a proper apology.

November 7th . 2018

Done. Forever.

For the record, I have lived through this “book report” project for two straight years. That’s two years too many. It consoles me that I do not have another incoming fourth grader. However it does look pretty cool. And it SHOULD after the solid lifetime it took to get it done. Also for the record, I secretly died inside when Hadley got out of the car this morning ready to finally take it to school, only to realize it was smooshed.

November 6th . 2018

Halloween 2018

Finally. I am so delighted to present you with these moments. My family is just the best when it comes to this night. And let it be noted that when you are in peak condition you should be able to walk with your hands overhead for two solid hours.

November 4th . 2018

Another Retreat Come and Gone

This was number nine. The very least stress I think we’ve ever felt during an entire retreat weekend. And, our largest crowd to-date. I’m grateful for all of it, but especially the time I got to spend with Jim during our drive and little hike through Ludington. And the leaves! Completely refreshing. Below are a few of my favorite moments from the weekend. Including a very special stop on the way home. I am absolutely blessed that this is my job. And blessed beyond measure that Jim and I get to create this together.

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