January 16th . 2019

That Time When Our Retreat Went Viral

I seriously thought a spring retreat was not going to happen. Just nothing was inspiring me, let alone available. About to throw in the towel, after endless days/weeks of searching, I asked someone to help me pray about it. And KAPOW up pops a listing in my feed that is blowing my mind. I cannot WAIT to bring our retreat into this space at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore! Overlooking Lake Michigan AND the Chicago skyline! That has all the features I ever look for (hot tub, wine bar, big kitchen, enough baths, proximity to hiking and beautiful landscape, plenty of room for yoga indoors and out) Ugh I’m just so excited! And so naturally I let the world know this, and I’m not even kidding, the whole thing sold out in under 48 hours. Do not ever underestimate prayer.

January 15th . 2019

Winter Running

It’s so hard. I still prefer it 100% to humid running of any sort though. For solid reasons, including the magnificent frost jobs that turn US into part of the winter landscape.

I swoon every time I look at this picture.

January 14th . 2019

Kickball Queen

Hadley has taken up a recent obsession with kickball. Yes, mid-January. Yes the Hadley who cries about walking.

Somehow I have been roped into playing backyard kickball with her two days in a row. When it is teens of degrees outside. I’m still waiting for my Mom of the Year award though.

Even odder, she’s taken to playing it in the pitch dark, with headlamps. I seriously do not know what to make of this. It’s ridiculous.

January 13th . 2019

Living the Glitz Life

Somehow we got invited back to suite J for another Cirque performance (Corteo). I was mesmerized and therefore took very few pictures. I just kept having to remind myself that those were actual human bodies. And that any split second, any wrong move, and everything could go wrong. But it never did, of course, and my mind continues to be blown by what the body is truly capable of. The creative staff should also be giving themselves regular pats on the back. But that should always go without saying.

January 10th . 2019

Red Wings BIGGEST Fan

I came into the living room recently to discover this…

Not naming any names, but someone maybe went a little heavy on the holiday treats this year.

January 9th . 2019


Can you see what’s going on in this picture? No you cannot because our home ice has such crappy glass, you can see what’s going on only every other panel. That’s if you’re lucky enough to get a seat that’s not broken.

So I’ll tell you what’s going on. Districts. This is something we’ve never done before, nor have any business doing. It’s playing for state championships.

So this here is game one, which we lost 9-1. Which was WAY better than expected. If that tells you anything. We have three more of these games to go. Intermixed with a tournament of equal caliber games.

So what I’m trying to tell you is, this month will be fun.

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