January 25th . 2015

9AM Date

We will take our dates any way we can get them. Even if it means a 9-11:30AM window on a Saturday morning. Which is really hard to plan if you want to know.


We hiked icy dirt roads 2.6 miles to our favorite breakfast spot. Filled up on amazingness. And hiked 2.6 back, trying to beat our best mile as we went. It was a perfect plan all in all. Especially the part where we brewed a pot of Zingerman’s espresso once we got home.

January 22nd . 2015

I Forgot to Tell You

Over holiday break we watched Annie. The old and the new to be exact. Also over break there were outbursts on my part of yelling at the kids. Hey, go easy on me, because weeks of togetherness+no schedule, okay?

Anyway, pretty early on Hadley began responding to my firm disciplining with, “We love you Miss Hanigan!”

Let me tell you, this was every bit as appreciated as that stretch last year when Bastien would whisper, “Jesus loves you and I do too” every time he got in trouble.

Kids are awesome.

January 22nd . 2015

As I Always Say


A headstand will change your perspective on any day. So just in case that’s what you need today, here’s one for you.

January 20th . 2015


Today an unspeakable thing happened. One of Bastien’s sweet classmates got into a car accident on the way to school which took the life of her father and brother. I just can’t make sense of such things and cannot stop crying about it.

The crying is alarming to my kids. It is perhaps the only time I’ve openly wept in front of them. Hadley went into instant nurturing mode giving me hugs and bringing me my pillow. Then she went into a room by herself, drew a picture of my favorite thing, and wrote me this letter which she read to me for clarity.


“I love (you). I know that you are sad. I am sorry that you’re sad; that you are sad that someone’s dad (died).”
With a shattered heart, and so much hope in the Lord…

January 19th . 2015

She Writes


Sounding out her own words. I’m so excited about this. Mainly because it often makes for more hilarity than Damn You Auto Correct.

January 18th . 2015


If you want to nab some true freedom in this lifetime, my strong recommendation is to set the goal of ridding yourself of something you own every day for a year. That’s my new year’s resolution, so I’m speaking from experience. I cannot wait for December 31 when there will be no more than 30 items left in our home. Gonna be the best day of my life.




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