January 18th . 2017

Little Project Going On

There’s probably nothing better than teaching yoga in January! People are just so eager and receptive to being good people. My little Soul Stretch community is fired up about feeding the hungry with me and it makes my heart swell with love. 

I feel the Holy Spirit using me to inspire people to do “beautiful things for God” every day. Using whatever gifts they’ve been granted and discovering it’s not as hard or daunting as they thought to make a difference, one little step at a time. 

Right now I’m feeling so much creative satisfaction posting a Feed the Hungry Tip each class day on Facebook. Feel free to peruse them here.

One very cool thing that has already happened is that on the exact same day I decided to post about The Little Free Pantry movement, one just popped up at the church where I was teaching. So now it’s easier than ever to help the world out, right in the midst of your day, and feel the truth that God will use you to bring this good life you’re living to others. 

That particular church (Royal Oak First UMC) has a catch phrase that just feels so relevant to all this. So I’ll leave you with it for today:
God loves you. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

January 17th . 2017


Now that we all have kindles and families can share their kindle content, it’s time for a theJLBs family book club! We voted today on our first book and look what won…

You might not be surprised to find out that our first meeting will be February 5th (which is a little aggressive but so is football). We are all responsible for planning a relevant snack and this is the first Super Bowl I’ve ever looked forward to!

January 16th . 2017

Tourney Time

We survived our first out of town hockey tournament, folks. Brutal. Fun. Fun? Exhausting! Thoroughly exhausting.

With games that started in the 7s (and the need to be there an hour early to warm up) and then games in the evening, holy cow is that painful. So despite the fact that we walked out with only a tie to boast of, I’m very proud of our team. They played like little gentlemen. They kept their hearts in it. And I KNOW they grew to love the sport and their team in a real way.

Plus, Bastien got his second goal of the season! Apparently he only gets goals at tournaments. He was rewarded with a cinnamon roll (besides his obvious shot of pride) and has big plans for a giant tootsie roll for his next one.

Other notes: As for his fans, we were rock solid even though he questioned our timeliness to every single game. He wins for most out of town fans. And that means we won for the reprieve of a few non-hockey activities (hello, lovely Vivant Brewery Grand Rapids!). Also in pretty sure I lost 50% of my lifetime adrenaline in the last two games they played. Bastien cried out of exhaustion for about an hour when we finally got home claiming he missed his team sooo much. So overall, you just really cannot imagine the exhaustion. Most of us were completely delighted United didn’t make it to the final game truth be told.

January 12th . 2017

Resolution (At Last)

You probably know I’m pretty much a resolution freak. I have them to thank for years of daily flossing and a little understanding of the Italian language. Plus there was the year I ran a race every month. And that one year I tried and posted 52 new recipes here.

It’s taken me a while to settle on something for this year. But by George I’ve finally got it!

Inspired by this news, I’m trying out 52 ways to eat beans this year. Fortunately for me, Jim is on board so I don’t even have to cook them all myself. In fact, he’s already made me an amazing lentil soup. But even better is this recipe for black eyed peas and cornbread. Seriously YUM. 

Did you know it’s southern tradition to eat black eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck? 

Luck aside, this recipe is just freaking good. I am so happy about this resolution, if only for the discovery of the new food love of my life. Happy weekend and Bon Appebeans, friends!

January 11th . 2017

Day After Christmas 2016

To finish up our Christmas we spent the day after at my aunts’.  A big contributor to my personal cousin club. This was an especially meaningful day for me as I got to help in her kitchen. This is sacred work. I’ll never forget it. Let me tell you I was secretly stressed out putting together the fruit and vegetable trays, even though everything was already prepped.

Feeling grateful for another most blessed Christmas with all of my family. What a good life it is!

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