June 27th . 2017

The Pace of Summer

It’s a struggle, but it shouldn’t be; just fully slipping into the pace of summer, which is really no pace at all. Sleeping in. Not hurrying anywhere. Saying yes to frivolous things more often. Noticing the quality of the air and the way the light shines through the trees at various times of the day.

I have been in the habit of living against this grain for too long and my soul has been feeling quite frazzled because of it. I still feel immensely guilty just giving myself time to be, rather than do do do! Given my position in life, this is unacceptable. Crabbiness is truly the result of my own doing. And I want to do something about that.

I am resolute. I will give my soul space to breathe. I will say no to the kids’ ideas less often. I will stop and notice the details, but I won’t get mired down by them. I will go with the flow. I will go out of my way to be kind. Because I can. I will practice what I preach, which is to take time to observe my own contentment daily. I’ve been trying this approach for the last couple weeks and based on the change in my mind I promise you, it is NECESSARY.

Will you enjoy the pace of summer too? Will you join me in observing contentment and just see what good it unleashes in you? I hope so. 

June 26th . 2017

Just Run: Run Camp For Kids (and their grownups) Day 1

I promise you, this camp was top notch! I know I will be sore from the “200” tomorrow, which was a progressive workout of jumping jacks, push-ups, Burpees and the like going uphill. We all had the most laughs playing this game where you chuck a ball over the garage and then sprint and tag the other team once you catch it. Only the grownups liked homemade Gatorade, even though it was 90% honey. And Bastien very much enjoyed blowing his whistle for drills and transitions. Plus Mazzy did the entire camp with us. Pretty amazing. I can’t WAIT for Wednesday.

June 25th . 2017

Spontaneous Bike Ride

Bastien wanted to ride bikes to downtown on Sunday. We set off without a plan besides that. We ended up checking out his new school playground, visiting the downtown waterfall, finding a geocache, taking a tour of the Milford Historical Museum, and stopping to pick up an American Girl book from a little free library for Hadley. It was seriously liberating to meander and just go wherever the wind carried us. We spent at least two hours on our bikes, and a mere two dollars (donating to the museum). Summer Sundays, you’re the best!

June 22nd . 2017

Living On The Edge

We are not ready to talk about this event yet. In fact, I might never be granted permission from Bastien who explicitly told me not to post anything about the events after the chairlift on Facebook. He also asked if he could hug me at home because he’d be “too embarrassed in front of everyone”. So, while I personally did not get injured during our first downhill mountain biking experience, I died inside a couple of times this night.

June 21st . 2017

Scenes From The Week

I cannot even tell you how much love is going on around here right now. Somehow the kids have become best friends again this week and have spent many an hour reading to each other up in the branches of a newly discovered climbing tree. 

There have also been many hours of horse camp, bike riding, bike riding to horse camp, hammocking, and even a run & swim for old Mazzy.

What has not happened yet this week is the turning on of a TV or iPad. Which, for the record, I blame for all the crabbiness in the world. 

I’m very curious to see how long this lasts. Stay tuned…

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