July 18th . 2019

Tobermory to the Max

We have just been vacationing full tilt here in the Bruce all week. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to share Jim’s pictures to help display the gorgeousness of it all. In the meantime, here are a very few pictures that I’ve taken time to capture. Mostly though, I’ve just been taking it all in with my heart.

July 15th . 2019

Rain On A Canadian Tin Roof

That’s the sound we are bathing in as we get ready for bed. After a day of hiking (that ended in a flood) and so much frisbee chasing. I’m almost done with the bean cookbook. Hadley and I started a coloring project. And I’ve knit a row or two. This is a very good pace of life.

July 14th . 2019

Heaven in Tobermory

We’ve landed on vacation and I can truly say I’ve found my heaven on earth. Our pristine 50s cabin is cute as a button and immediately on Lake Huron, which we have already paddled like fools. I wish somehow I could own this pace complete with its Ontario Bean Farmers’ cookbook (which I am rampantly photographing recipes). We spent $40 on boogie boards (which we have several $5 versions of back at home), so here’s hoping for great waves and even greater hiking the rest of this week. The hammocks are hanging, the marshmallows have been toasted, and we are in paradise.

July 10th . 2019

Pictures From the Fourth Weekend

I just realized my post earlier this week didn’t end up attaching any pics due to our internet still being on holiday apparently. So here’s the other half of that post…

July 9th . 2019


Today was one of those days that was worth all the stress in pulling it off. We tried out the newest MTB trail around (called Winn Loop in Chelsea) and it was immediately our all-time favorite. I can’t even wait to do it again.

Bastien was proud to report that his foot never touched the ground in 8 miles. I screamed “wee” several times. It made the rest of the day just dreamy. It’s amazing that a good trail can bring back the magic of life. But it can!

July 8th . 2019

Just A Little Grocery Shopping

Somehow we are on a minimum one grocery shopping trip, four bags a day habit right now. MINIMUM. Sometimes three grocery trips all in the same day. Well this weekend Jim took Hadley and her neighbor bestie to pick out her own lunch groceries for day camp. It’s interesting to see what she picked. Also, Bastien requested brownie mix. I just wanted to throw up that picture here too to see if you can identify which brownies are managed by the kids, and which are mine.

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