August 2nd . 2015

Rush rush Weekend

We did everything this weekend. Yes everything. First of all, Jim ran his first ten miler. The first time I ran ten consecutive miles I was 14 and there was a cider mill at the end. Well neither of those things were going on around here this weekend so kudos to Jim. Instead, at the end was mowing the lawn and going to a Harry Connick, Jr. concert. (This was more of a reward for me for sure.) Man I love that guy. 

Sunday was volunteer day and then fun stuff around the house. Makeovers on the porch for the girls and building a bike rack in the barn for the boys to be specific. I highly recommend these things. We rounded out the day with some fresh Chicken Wings and a shot at my Grandma’s (dairy free) “wacky cake”. It’s a Depression-era recipe that uses vinegar and baking soda power instead of eggs and butter. I loaded it up with coconut oil which is what I do to pretend I’m eating healthy. This was exactly what the weekend was missing as it turns out.



Speaking of recommendations, I want to give a plug for “My A to Z Recipe Box” which was Hadley’s kindergarten graduation gift from me. We really love it! And I’m in the process of filling it up with additional recipes from the Grandmas in our life. So if you are one of them, start thinking about a few of your signature recipes that you want to pass on. It is such a special thing! It warms my heart and makes me feel full inside just looking at my grandma’s handwriting.

July 29th . 2015

Zoo Babies

I’ll never stop smiling over watching my son take the hand of his adoring “Baby Nora” and bravely lead her through the Dino exhibit. He’s going to be the best camp counselor someday.


I’ll also never stop smiling from how fun it was to run through the zoo and up the parking ramp in a downpour.


Simple things are simply the best!

July 28th . 2015


The weather has been shining favorably for biking lately so that’s what I’ve been doing. The crowd I bike with is about 20 years older than me and they never cease to amaze me. Plus, they’re just really flipping fun to be around. Here are a few of the best Tuesdays I’ve had this summer. And here’s hoping for a whole bunch more! 


July 27th . 2015

Soul Stretch Family Yoga

The kids finally talked me into this little dream of theirs. Teaching Family Yoga, you know, as a family. It has taken a lot of letting go of the reigns on my part. But that’s what we’ve been doing on Monday nights 5:45-6:30 pm on the back lawn of the First Pres church in Farmington. 

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a little stressful. My kids seem to need to say a lot to me right in the middle of teaching a class. But at the end of the day I have to admit we have some good bonding moments out there on our mats. And a lot of laughs even.

This week was my favorite. Passing a ball around a circle using only your feet is the antidote to any Monday. Try it! Or just come join us next week. We’ve got a few more fun things lined up yet this summer.



July 26th . 2015

Wow Wow Weekend

Jim ran his first nine miler! At speeds faster than his eight last week. My mom placed second in her age group at the Silvania Women’s Only Tri. And on a whim, for the first time ever we tubed down the Huron River from a point just a couple miles from our house. Bastien said it was like we took a vacation. (Which is how you know you’re doing weekends right.)

Canoe Camp to Dawson was our little excursion. More on this later. It deserves attention!

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