August 28th . 2014

Silver Lake: Little Sable Point Lighthouse

We love us a good lighthouse. Don’t be fooled, Bastien is the biggest fan of all. Hadley likes to run up the steps, take a look outside and immediately demand to go down. So that’s fun. And also, hey! Bastien is still seven!

August 28th . 2014

Silver Lake: Climbing the Dunes

There is something you should know about climbing sand dunes: It’s terrible. I am very over it. Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful to behold and fun to come down. But climbing up? Uh uh. Also, please pardon all of my butt shots.

Another thing you should know about sand dunes is if you live near them, you are going to be buried in them. I’ve heard this time and again on our dune-y adventures. In fact, the Silver Lake Sand Dunes have at least four houses buried underneath. With obviously another victim waiting in the wings.

The one thing I do not know about sand dunes is how this one is not overtaking the street. But it is a little intimidating to drive toward if you want to know the truth. So maybe in that respect, it is overtaking the street.

August 27th . 2014

We Interrupt All The Fun…


…to bring you Hadley’s first lost tooth! Hastened along by being sat on by her brother. Which incidentally is the same way he lost his last loose tooth. He put a dollar of his own money under her pillow to double the surprise. It is endearing to see they don’t want to kill each other every minute of the day after all.

Stayed up late waiting for the glitter glue to dry on her teeny card from Ms. Tooth Fairy. I know. Then because Hadley is the Certified Lightest Sleeper In All The Land, I woke her up trying to get the thing under her pillow. So I had to stay up even later to try again. And have you ever seen one of those high stress bomb detonation scenes? The final plant was exactly like that. Except I bumped into the bookcase at one crucial point and she jumped as if a bomb actually did go off.

Here’s what I know: Tooth Fairies do not get paid enough for all this. Also, Hadley is not allowed to loose any more teeth.

August 26th . 2014

Silver Lake: Mac Woods Dune Ride

Silver Lake is another place the All Of The Fun took us last week. I could be wrong, but I believe there is some local ordinance that states you must take a Mac Woods Dune Ride while in the area. Who are we to break any rules? It did not disappoint. Dune rides never disappoint.

August 25th . 2014

Bastien’s 7th Birthday at Michigan’s Adventure

This day was so awesome. If you live in Michigan, you should definitely celebrate your child’s 7th-12th birthday at Michigan Adventure. Everything about it was so happy and fun and perfectly perfect for a seven year old’s birthday celebration. Bastien told us at least every five minutes how much fun he was having, how thankful he was that we took him there. And let me tell you, it feels really worth it to have been parenting for seven years when that happens. I would love to tell you which was his favorite ride, but even amongst all the great water slides he could not single out just one. He loved them ALL. We tried to ride in car #7 as often as possible.

Also of note, we obviously started out this day at home. EARLY. He opened up his own 2-person tent and some hockey gear. He was DELIGHTED that he did not get any toys because he is, of course, too old for toys. Of course.

August 24th . 2014

Because We’ve Been Having The Most Fun Ever

Like nonstop fun. Days and days of fun. All of the fun. You won’t believe all of the fun we can cram into one week. Sorry, no fun for you because we took it all. The kind of fun that is both physical and exhausting. I feel like we need to dig our way back out. So let’s get that going. Here we go.

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