March 24th . 2019

Warped Wall Win

Shout out to Hadley who mastered one of the warped walls at Iron Grip This weekend! It was very fun to watch her try and try again. The coaches were phenomenal and Hadley was in it to win it. She got to sign the wall when she first made it. Then she spent the next hour working on the next wall, and encouraging her very petite friend. She was also thoroughly, painfully sore the next day.

March 21st . 2019

If You Need Me

Oh, hi there. Happy Spring! If you need me I’ll just be walking Mazzy. In the mud. Like I always do. Could be worse… The mud could be of the quicksand variety I guess. Here’s one of life’s small victories though: the app I use to reward my exercise (Achievement) finally paid me $10 for accumulating so much activity. This prompted me recently to start recording my dog walks too, mud and all. So there’s a silver lining.

March 20th . 2019


A long season’s worth of growth cut, in recognition of winter’s end. And to prepare for Spring hockey tryouts Thursday night. Like swimmers shave for the big event, he too may be remarkably improved, being able to actually see the puck.

March 19th . 2019

Barefootin’s Good For My Soul

If the sun is shining, mid 40s is very adequate barefoot weather. I know this from history (a barefoot and 40s pic of the kids came up in my Facebook memories this week). And I know this present tense, as I spent an hour on the porch today just relishing the feel of the sun on my feet. This is an imprint from childhood, this carefree barefoot behavior. And I’m making plans now to make it a bigger part of my 2019.

March 17th . 2019

I Had A Dream

For the longest time I’ve just wanted to go hang out someplace with a great donut and a mediocre coffee to just basically waste a morning away. Things got way more indulgent than that this weekend when my dream came true… to the tune of $45 at our coffee shop. Wah. I’ll admit the price tag totally killed the vibe for me, but otherwise we did have a pretty nice time together. And for that I’m grateful l.

March 14th . 2019

Gabrielle Reece

Hadley’s, I mean Gabrielle’s, wax museum debut was flawless. She gave a compelling speech about her life and looked the part, right down to her popped collar MTV shirt and cool Nike capris. BTW, did you know and. Reece was the first woman to design a shoe for Nike? Lil’ trivia for around the water cooler.

This was a big achievement for Hadley and we are really proud of the way she pulled it off. I was also personally relieved that she did not want to wear a bikini for the presentation. She’s come a long way, baby.

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