April 26th . 2018

Positive Thinking

I encouraged the kids to look for three positive things in their day and report back to me for a DQ reward. I was super impressed and encouraged with how seriously they took this, and how it seemed to affect their participation in positivity at school. What I did not count on was the bleed over into after school. Hadley really took the ball and ran with it!

We made it about 30 minutes into the trail before she ran plum out of positive attitude. But, it’s still a win in my book.

April 25th . 2018

Working Man

Bastien’s had back-to-back landscaping jobs this week and is literally raking in the dough to replace his shattered iPod. I’m grateful for friends and family who are giving him a chance. And I’m proud of him for wanting to work hard. It was such a joy dropping him off at his first job, after he confessed how nervous he was, and finding out for his employer that she was “beyond thrilled” with his work. I haven’t fully processed all this, but enough to receive a reality dose that at least some things are going right with MY work.

April 22nd . 2018

Yay Weekend!

Since our weekend started with a 6pm Friday hockey game and merged right into a road trip 9:15am Saturday hockey game, it just felt eternal in the best of ways. Bastien is so close to his next goal we can taste it. Hadley is tight with her fellow hockey sister again (see my fave selfie of all time below). Daddy’s Doughnuts in Utica is inspiring. Eight mile runs with your crew after are necessary. And that’s my love song for only the first half of a stupendous weekend.

April 19th . 2018

Anniversary 14

Tuesday, Jim and I celebrated 14 years of marital bliss. It was pretty wonderful for a Tuesday really. My parents volunteered to wrangle the kids and we got to eat a fancy meal together in Milford. We were about the only people there EXCEPT for our pastor who came in with his wife to celebrate THEIR anniversary!

We often forget what we’ve given each other from year to year, so I’m posting here for reference. Jim got me “ivory” earrings made from Woolley mammoth tusks (how cool is that?) And I got him a handmade mug for home and another for commuting in honor of our 2018 espresso machine.

Here’s to so many more!

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