April 19th . 2018

Anniversary 14

Tuesday, Jim and I celebrated 14 years of marital bliss. It was pretty wonderful for a Tuesday really. My parents volunteered to wrangle the kids and we got to eat a fancy meal together in Milford. We were about the only people there EXCEPT for our pastor who came in with his wife to celebrate THEIR anniversary!

We often forget what we’ve given each other from year to year, so I’m posting here for reference. Jim got me “ivory” earrings made from Woolley mammoth tusks (how cool is that?) And I got him a handmade mug for home and another for commuting in honor of our 2018 espresso machine.

Here’s to so many more!

April 17th . 2018

My 24-7 Job

Things have been a little tougher than usual in the mom business lately. Hadley behaves like a feral cat most of the time and Bastien is still having social problems at school. For Hadley I’ve got a whole new (and hardcore militant) punishment/reward system in place and the positive pink notes are back in circulation. I’m trying desperately to coach Bastien through his struggles and have turned to bedtime stories straight from psychology text books, supplemented by brain development pep-talks to help him understand what’s going on in the heads of those around him. I barely feel equipped for this. I thought my late nights were over for a while, but no… I’m spending them crafting just the right reinforcement message on a post-it, or cramming for my next big psych lecture. Someone pass me a margarita. Please.

April 15th . 2018

Had My Date

It basically turned into a crash course in how to use Sheets. And Bastien was itching to get out of there the second he had to go to the bathroom. Which was like 20 minutes in. But we had a little fun and we stopped in at the toy shop which was a little more fun. And hey, at least he put on jeans for me AND didn’t wear the headphones he insisted I throw in the bag o’supplies.

April 12th . 2018

Have You Seen Hadley?

This girl? I don’t even know her. For over an hour she rode her bike on a mountain bike trail without complaining even once. She used all the biking etiquette she’s ever been taught. She even rode somewhat aggressively, and certainly better than the rest of the kids in our beginner group. It is impossible that this is the same Hadley that I gave birth to and have lived with for the past 8.9 years. I have hope for the most fun immediate future; something I have never been able to say during this motherhood of mine.

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