July 19th . 2018

Maine – Day 7

Finally we reach the end of this trip that already feels ages ago. We end on Jim’s birthday. So he got to pick what we did. Frankly I’m shocked that he didn’t insist we climb another mountain. Instead, we took this very cool 2-Mile round trip hike to Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. The pathway was unique and required a little focus. Also, Hadley fell head over heals for a dog. You’ll know it when you see it.

The day was complete with the finding of a geocache. A very spectacular breakfast. And our return flight out of the most charming Bangor International Airport. Maine, in every way you lived up to your hype.

July 18th . 2018

Maine – Day 6

Even though we were down the coast from the National Park, that did NOT mean we were done climbing mountains. Nosiree. We couldn’t quite figure out the parking for Mt. Battie (our intended climb) so we opted for a higher mountain instead. I’m sure glad that the ocean overlook was rewarding after this slippery, treacherous, 100% humidity hike. Because let me tell you, the actual summit with no view whatsoever was severely disappointing.

We did manage to drive up Mt. Battie afterward which was rather fun, what with its Rapunzel tower and all. I was especially glad just to be done climbing mountains and go get some ice cream already.

July 17th . 2018

Maine – Day 5

Once we traveled down the coast from Mount Desert Island, we landed in the most charming little town of Owl’s Head. It was hard not to fall in love with this area. We ended up at a beach by a lighthouse that I wished I could sit at every day for the rest of my life. I would never get tired of pine trees swaying in the ocean breeze.

We also happened to be staying in the absolutely darlingest airb&b that has changed my life forever and caused me to pine (no pun intended) for a beach trailer of my very own. When you see the pictures, you will understand. Oh, how I wish I were there this very minute!

July 15th . 2018

Maine – Day 4, Part 2

I love the kind of epic vacation that takes weeks to recap! Here we are, only halfway through our Maine trip, about to embark on a life-changing mountain climb up Penobscot Mountain. This was another hot and long one. With the added excitement of lots of boulder scrambling and even the highly anticipated iron rungs. Everyone was happy. It was also incredibly beautiful up at the top (did you know wild blueberries just grow right in the granite cracks?), and it felt the most like a real mountain summit of any climb we’ve ever done. In fact, the only problem we encountered was finding our way back down. But, after a few trials, we found the wonderful Deer Brook Trail which was as close to hiking straight down a stream/waterfall as you’re going to get. It was refreshing! In the end we added a mile or two onto what we set out to do, but it was worth it!

July 12th . 2018

Maine – Day 4, Part 1

Okay the Dive in Theater was possibly the best thing we’ve done together. So many props for Diver Ed and his crew – especially Nori the adorable Newfi.

On this trip the kids got to push Ed into sea where he showed us the ocean floor via live feed. Then he proceeded to bring up a whole satchel of creatures to talk about and shove in kids faces. As you can see from the pictures it was both terrifying and hilarious. We learned so much and will all attest that you’ve never seen anything cuter than a sea cucumber eating and relaxing.

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