February 14th . 2019

True Love

Is the gift of an on-demand ECG via an updated Apple Watch.

Thanks, Jim, for loving my completely normal heart.

February 13th . 2019


Besides the knits for the kids, my Valentine theme of ’19 is Dates!

I’ve picked out an event for each of my loves and bought tickets. I’m so excited for so much great together-time coming soon. I won’t share Jim’s and spoil his surprise, but the kids don’t read this blog so here’s where we’re going:

I’ll let you guess who’s going where.

Happy hearts day to YOU with love!

February 12th . 2019

Ice Days Ad Nauseum

To prepare for this, the 10th snow day of the school year, I:

  • Bought lots of yarn and bookmarked lots of knitting patterns
  • Bought an extra big Starbucks for reheating
  • Checked out the audiobook, Eat Pray Love from the library
  • Brought in tons of wood

And proceeded to have a bonafide vacation all the day long from my couch. It was completely fulfilling.

February 10th . 2019

Impromptu Valentine’s Party

Jim whipped up taco salad, complete with homemade guacamole and some dang amazing dressing. The kids cracked open some cherry cream sodas and we busted out some Godiva we’ve been saving since Christmas (adorning the pets with the bow from the box of course). We asked Alexa to play “Valentine’s music” all night long and we played some good strategy games, including “Love Letters,” with very good company. Honestly, this is the best way to launch Valentine’s week that I can possibly imagine.

February 7th . 2019

Knitty Gritty

This weather. These snow days. Have turned me into a sloth. Who is also hibernating. A hibernating sloth. I have about 10% motivation to finish my knitting projects for the kids for Valentine’s Day. Somehow though I managed to get Hadley’s wrapped up. And Bastien’s (Indian blanket slippers) is maybe just another day’s work.


Update: I actually ended up finishing the slippers after writing this post and I hate them. Hahaha.

February 6th . 2019

For the Press

Our 2019 Mountain Bike team captain reached out recently to ask for a quote from Bastien about his past season. Here’s what he came up with:

“Everything was fun about MiSCA racing. Except the end when I had to come up with a quote.”

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