November 29th . 2015

The Thanksgiving of Cheese!

You can expect higher quality and more bountiful pictures around here in the future. But no promises as to when CONSIDERING CHRISTMAS HOMESTRETCH AND SO MUCH TO DO! 

Regardless, we had a really beautiful Thanksgiving Day with so many of our loves. No one under our roof got broken, unlike years of past. And there was so much food. Just so much! Starting with all of the cheese. That’s right, if there’s a way to prepare and consume cheese, we tried it.

Like I said, some stellar pics will come to you someday. But here are a few of our prep shots. Including one captioned by Hadley (who also has caught Caption Fever! Yes!!)



November 24th . 2015

Circling Back


Ok so gluttons for punishment, we hit the snowy trails again as promised. This time right in lovely Milford. People, it was misery. I swear to you we stopped after agonizing YEARS of pedaling, slipping all over the place in the melting snow, and mostly just pushing our bikes up every hill, and Jim informed me that we just finished two miles. TWO MILES. You have no idea. There was no joy in that moment.

  • Here’s what this rookie has learned: you do not go fatbiking on a 34 degree day. No matter how much it beckons. 
  • You just do not.

We found the nearest “pavement” two years later around mile 3 and high tailed it back to the car. I will never be done being annoyed about it all.

November 22nd . 2015

Captions! They’re All the Rage

This weekend Bastien cracked us up on his way out of the locker room when he found out who was going to goalie his next game. I couldn’t help myself from texting his coach (aka Aunt) later that night with a paraphrased (almost direct) quote…


The next day, Bastien caught sight of this on my phone, almost lost his brain in an instant explosion, and just had to give captioning a stab himself… (I’m sure you can relate)


And though my wit is no match for his, I would just like to conclude the weekend’s happenings with:


Caption something today. It will definitely make you feel better.

November 19th . 2015

Just A Couple Things I Love Right Now

On Thursdays Jim goes mountain biking. And I, for a brief moment, eat dinner straight from the microwave. I’m pretty hooked on all the Indian meals Trader Joe’s has to offer. And I am not at all ashamed.


In other random news, I spotted this on Bastien’s locker this week:


It was one of those few cherished moments I felt paid as a mother.

Happy weekend. Do what you love.

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