June 13th . 2019

Schoooool’s Out For Summer

We made it to the clap out and held back our tears. We watched Bastien struggle with what to do alongside boys who seemed to know how to crowd surf and sing rowdily together. Hadley admitted her sadness, but both seemed eager to hustle down the sidewalk and out of that place. Seems about right. If Bastien hadn’t had such a rough time with elementary school this day would have probably been harder.

June 12th . 2019

Stanley Cupcakes

Last chance to bring treats to school for his birthday. A stellar opportunity to celebrate the best game on earth. An aunt who can totally pull it off. It’s just the best when all the stars align.

June 11th . 2019

Setting Up For Summer

Two things:

When the kids run out of screen time (45 mins) and they’re looking for something to do, they can look no further than the “Expiring Toys” basket. Featuring new old toys weekly! Anything that doesn’t get used that week is at risk of being donated or sold.

Also, I’m trying out a punch card system for things I want to encourage: daily reading, math facts practice, playing outside for hours, extra noticeable kindness, and the like. In exchange for: new books, money for Minecraft building (and more time to do it), DQ blizzards, later bedtimes, etc. I have a clean list neatly hung on the fridge but no one has even noticed! Anyway, it will be fun to see how this all goes.

Two more days.

June 10th . 2019

Bastien Survived Fifth Grade Camp

I almost didn’t though. Two nights is a long time to have zero communication with your child. But he did return to us happy and safe. And he was a ropes course rock star at camp. Which is really no surprise now is it?

June 6th . 2019


One time a friend declared this month “Healthy Spoon June” and that has stuck with me for many years. Recently all kinds of signs pointed to me trying vegan eating for a month. Since this month is HSJ I figured it’s now or never. Or at least not until next June. And I’m proud to say I’ve passed cleanly through a week with no troubles over this decision at all. In fact, I’ve been amazed at how:

  • Guilt-free it is
  • Filling it is
  • Every other vegan around wants to help you out with recipes, meal planners and tips
  • Many many restaurants and coffee shops have solid vegan options
  • How much of the food feels like a treat!

I only planned on doing this for a month to see if my pain and inflammation would subside. But I can easily see how it could be a long-time pursuit.

After this month ends I I’ll report back on at least how vegan eating has affected me to that point.

June 5th . 2019

And He’s Off

Fifth grade absolutely flew by. Last days of safety duty complete. And now Bastien’s at fifth grade camp until Friday. I’m equal parts excited for him and wishing he was home already.

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