October 21st . 2014

Mom and Dad


I don’t know how I got so lucky to be able to spend Tuesday morning with my mom and Tuesday afternoon with my dad. Whatever the reason, I feel completely full.

My mom and I had the greatest time in the early morning sitting in her Jeep at the trailhead swishing the windshield until there were fairly any rain drops on it so we could head out to ride miles of beautiful fall trail. Then sit and warm our muddy butts by the toasty fire and fill our empty bellies with autumn squash soup at Panera. This order of events can only be described as my own personal heaven.

Somehow on this already perfect day, I had lined up my dad to come to town and surprise the kids after school. He arrived a little early so I got to talk to him, with no interruption. I actually don’t know if this has ever happened since I was a little kid. I have one distinct childhood memory of walking through the woods with him, just talking his ears off, feeling nothing but undivided attention and love, and being so utterly happy to have him for my dad.

Today I found out my dad went to a one room school house through seventh grade… that he and his siblings made up 1/4 of the school’s population at times. That they only got to buy chocolate milk on Fridays (though one other family got it every day and he has never forgotten this injustice). And that one of his favorite packed lunches was baked bean and mustard sandwiches. How would I ever know these things that are now precious to me except for this perfect little time together today?

October 20th . 2014

Fingers Crossed, Prayers Said


We’ve been having a smidge of trouble convincing Hadley to dress in a timely manner for school. And let’s not even get into landing on a remotely coordinated outfit. She goes to school most days looking like unicorn poo, strictly because she wants to be in control. So I remembered this old organizer the neighbors gave us years ago. And put her completely in charge of filling it up. Down to the daily underwear. She was delighted to do this and even picked matching purses, necklaces AND lip gloss for each slot. How this child belongs to me I’ll never know. Regardless, I am a tiny bit more hopeful tonight that tomorrow morning will be pleasant, well, bearable, relative to this morning. On the other hand, I’ve been fooled many a time before by this one. That’s why my next plan is letting her be in charge of the entire household. God help us. Please.

October 19th . 2014

Another Lonely Bonfire


Here is this weekend’s bonfire, hosted by me. Attended by me, my dog and my two kids under a blanket watching Netflix on the iPad. At least Mazzy thoroughly enjoyed my four hour fire meant to make progress on our brush pile, but really only tackling four branches because of the wind factor. For my next challenge: the whole pile, one match, and people who actually want to hang out by the bonfire with me like the good ol’ days.

October 16th . 2014

Ya! Yay! Yay!




Hooray for popcorn days! Hooray for Bastien’s second pink slip! And most of all, hooray for subtrashin!

October 15th . 2014

{JBP Update} 3 Under 3

Are you even ready for all this cuteness? How about when you find out the little girl’s name is Cosette? I knew you weren’t ready. With that in mind, brace yourself. For the cuteness in this family is too much.

October 14th . 2014

A Few Notes On Fall




Inspiring, creating, baking, that’s where fall tends to lead me. With a few nice pauses in my daily schedule these days there is room for all of it. In fact, I think I’m going to pencil a creative hour right into a few days of my week and see what happens. It (the schedule) is a little heavy on the working out side right now (which I love, don’t get me wrong). But I also love the way fall pushes me into a more complete version of myself.
Wishing wholeness for your days too…

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