July 24th . 2016

On the Way to Harrisville

It worked! All that intention to have fun and go with the flow worked. We had such a fabulous little family trip to Lake Huron last week. Our first stop was Tawas to check out the lighthouse. As it turned out, there was an adorable beach-side food stand which we could not resist at lunch time. We all agreed the ambience was absolutely the right way to kick off our vacation. The gummy worm slushies and fish tacos didn’t hurt, either.

July 18th . 2016

Sunday Funday

After church we packed up our bikes, a kite, the drone and a bag of candy and hit the road for Monroe. I’ll be honest, I expected it to be a lot more fun than it actually was. It probably went south about the time Hadley accidentally peed on her shoe. I’m sure you can relate. But at one point on the trail Bastien suggested we go really fast. And that part was pretty fun. Plus making a couple video reviews of the trail while we waited for Hadley and Jim to emerge from the woods provided a few laugh out loud moments… So maybe we all just need better attitudes the next time I declare an Adventure Day.

July 17th . 2016

Props to Mom

Last week was incredible. While the kids were at Spring Hill each day my Mom let me talk her into a lot of adventuring. It didn’t seem crazy at all each day. But when I looked at my camera roll on Saturday I actually gasped. We rode a technical 10 miles on Monday, a fast and flowy 10 miles on Tuesday, ran 3 miles in ridiculous heat on Thursday afternoon, rode 10 ADVANCED miles on Friday and ran 6 miles on Saturday. I know.

But here’s what you don’t know… On top of this, my Mom had two weight days with her personal trainer, squeezed in a lake swim and a coached pool swim AND an intense run with her run club in the pouring rain. Yes, all in the same week. Can you say beast?

If this doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will. My Mom is pretty much amazing. I bet she has a ton of dirty laundry by now, too.

July 14th . 2016

Can’t Stop

It’s been a while since a game came into our house that we play almost nightly once the kids are in bed. Splendor, you little  temptress, you.

Another one we should probably pull back out is Lanterns. Practically meditation in a box.

Favorite for our family is King of Tokyo. But the last time we played things got a little too competitive. Still a great one though.

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