October 12th . 2017


Mazzy’s new job is picking the kids up from the bus stop. She looks forward to it all day long. When I open the door at 4:10 now she just runs on down the lane with a purpose, tail wagging a mile a minute. And she’s good about stopping 1/4 mile in so I can actually snap on her leash before we get onto the road.

It was hard for me to retire her from her important job as my running partner of 11 years. So I’m quite happy about this new employment for her golden years. She always gets a wave and a smile from the bus driver, too.

October 11th . 2017

Crazy How Life Works

The 2007 KV Renegades (Bastien’s new hockey team) has been officially placed in a division after several placement games. Well, really one placement game, officially. Which they lost. Just like all of their scrimmage games. Somehow ranking us UP a division from 4th to 3rd. Really scratching my head over it all and a little leary of a potentially brutal season ahead considering all our losses to-date. But. BUT. I’m just gonna lay the divisions out there for you to take a gander at. Because DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? (Hint: old team that cut him: goes by the name of OLU United White)…

That’s some kind of justice is what that is!

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