September 30th . 2015

Book Coma


You are going to need to excuse me. The book I’ve been hoping to find all my life just landed on my path. Because I’m endlessly interested in Bible stories but can never keep them all straight or remember who did what or exactly how many foxes they tied together and set on fire, I finally just typed in the Amazon search bar: “all the stories of the Bible.” And guess what?!?! I hit the jackpot, that’s what. That TV mini series of the very original name The Bible is in book form, friends. And it is fabulous. I’m pretty sure I’ll be keeping my ancient religious ancestors and all their comings and goings straight now. But even if not, I am just really loving the Bible in this format. So pardon me while I snuggle under the covers. Or in a hammock. Or on a park bench. Or in my car in a parking lot, frankly. Because right now I’m in a reading coma. And also, that’s one loooong book.

September 29th . 2015

Happy Days


I’m doing this little epic thing called #100happydays on Instagram right now. Taking note of some happiness in my everyday for 100 days straight. It makes a difference you know. I’ve read that it actually changes brain pathways. 


Every morning the kids and I offer three things in prayer we’re grateful for. It’s good stuff I tell you. In fact recently Bastien prayed gratitude over the items on his social studies study guide (which was about basic needs: food, water, shelter, air) and I was very humbled in that clever, simple little moment. 


I don’t know the point of what I’m saying exactly, but feel free to follow me (soulstretch) on Instagram, or better yet, pick up a happiness habit of your own!

September 27th . 2015

Garden to Table

Our neighbor’s ridiculous tomato garden taunts me every single day. Just tons and tons of tomatoes ready to rot on the vine. They give me the green light to come in and pick every year. Well little did I know how enticing this would be for Bastien who happily pulled a wagon down last Thursday and came home with a bounty. This seriously made my job 50% easier and defines for me how family can work together to get. crap. done. As in, for the first time in 8 years the burden is not all on my shoulders. We are talking monumental milestone here. But I digress.

With said bounty of tomatoes, I spent Sunday night making soup like a boss. I even strained a batch to ensure the kids will in fact ingest it. And now, I cannot even explain the level of satisfaction with which I begin this new week.


It’s a beautiful thing to feel like I have a leg up on Monday. I mean, miraculously we have cheese AND bread on hand too! Watch out world, TheJLBs are READY.

September 24th . 2015

I’ve Got Rhythym

Oh my soul! How much it loves, truly loves, kids in school.

All of a sudden I have these big stretches of time to plan life. To do yoga. To get lost on my mountain bike. To listen to podcasts. To talk to real, live adults!

Some of my current weekly highlights include…

Praying for my family on Mondays while I fold and put away their laundry.

Feeling really loved and valued by other women on mountain biking Tuesdays and Bible study Wednesdays. 

Spending solid, quality adventure time with my kids after school on Thursdays.

Hockey moming on Fridays and Sundays.

And all the yoga teaching in between is like absolutely as good as it gets. People, I wear yoga pants for a living. All of my dreams have come true.

Sometimes you have to not just acknowledge but shout your truth. And today I’m happy to shout, it’s ALL good.

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