October 17th . 2018

Could Be Worse

We’ve trained in rain and freezing temps with pelting ice and so much heat and in the dark and alone and together and in groups and on trails and on pavement and up mountains and in pain and with colds and possibly with a hernia and let’s not forget all the training in relentless humidity. If we’re not ready for our half this weekend, I just don’t know what it would take.

October 15th . 2018

A Very Speedy Sunday

Bastien had to make a tough choice on Sunday. Play in his team’s first official hockey game of the season at Yost, or race his second to last mountain bike race at Cannonsburg. He chose racing.

After the extreme frustration of his crash last race, he was mighty nervous coming into this one. And he felt like he had a lot to prove. I felt sorry for how much pressure he was putting on himself.

Turns out that was not in vain. He came in first place by almost 2 minutes! It was truly a site to behold.

I’m so glad he redeemed his previous “fail”. This means he stands a good chance of winning a series award next weekend. When, naturally, he will have to miss yet another hockey game.

October 14th . 2018

A Very Halloweeny Saturday

We kicked things off bright and early Saturday with our favorite Run Scream Run 5k at Wiard’s Orchard in Ypsilanti. Bastien was on the fence about what pace to take since he had hockey immediately following and a big bike race the next day (and let’s be real, he was worried about running through the haunted forest alone). Ultimately he decided on almost his top pace, coming in at 23:31 and placing 42nd out of 1,181 runners. Well dang. It is a little crazy to realize that within those top 42 he was 6th in his 10-14 age group. 6th. Think about all those fast boys out there!

It was also fun having my brother (recently new runner) in the mix this year. I loved that the course was winding, enabling us to spot one another multiple times along the way and cheer. My mom won second in her age group, naturally. I had my fastest 5k in years with a 28:27. The needling is working!

But best of all, Hadley came in for the Cider Mill Mile and killed it in 9:30 flat. She loved collecting candy all along the way. I loved watching her sprint right through a pumpkin patch. I had all the feels watching her finish this race and seeing the huge smile of accomplishment on her face.

And now I’ll finish up by posting pictures like crazy.

October 11th . 2018

Pin Cushion

I’m back in physical therapy for some hip and knee pain. I am being needled regularly by a new guy who clearly enjoys inflicting pain. And while I am fully not happy about it, I do think it’s working this time (as opposed to needling for my neck and shoulder which did NOT work). If all these jabs are for nothing, I will officially join Hadley’s “IT’S NOT FAIR” camp. And I might even punch the PT in the face.

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