May 27th . 2015

Tuesday in Oahu

This day was mostly a Jungle Yoga Hike Day. I know. A very cool way to explore the island. We did yoga right on the set of Jurassic Park and Lost. I couldn’t get past the clacking bamboo forrest – a delightful backdrop I’ll probably never have the pleasure of yoga-ing to again. We even got to drop in on the sacred ruins of Hawaiian royalty and practice meditation inside. It was for sure the most memorable meditation I’ve ever experienced.

May 27th . 2015

Monday Afternoon in Oahu

It sure is a good thing for our personal paparazzi or I would completely forget all the many places we visited in Hawaii. We began our travelling with Halona Blowhole where we saw our very first sea turtle(s). This blew my mind and the vacation could have very much ended there. Luckily it didn’t.

We ventured up to Kailua Beach next for some boogie boarding. It never got old, and we spent most of the rest of the trip searching for the beaches with the best waves.

The waves got better. Stay tuned…

May 25th . 2015

Hawaii, Cousins

I’m not gonna sugar coat it. We played HARD in Hawaii and I presently feel exactly like this:


Hiking, yoga, surf action, helicoptering, cliff scrambling, crater climbing, downhill biking, slippery rock balancing, and then repeat most of that but multiply the difficulty/duration by ten. I previously thought Hawaii was more hammock and hot tub. But no worries, we snuck some of that in too.

Lots of tales and photos to share, promise. Just hang tight. Er, loose.

May 14th . 2015


We got a note from the art teacher. Actually an invitation to an exhibit. In which Hadley’s work was being featured! This is big time. No one else in this household has ever had such artistic recognition.

Unfortunately the exhibition is happening while we’re away. So we drove down to the public library today to check it out in advance. I have to admit it was thrilling to be in the presence of such an accomplished artist.



May 13th . 2015


For the record, I love my Holy Bible app. It is one of the best free resources I’ve stumbled upon. For one reason, it let’s me interact with my world a little more thoughtfully…


Picture making capabilities are just a tiny fraction of what you can do. You can actually listen to many different translations. Of the entire Bible! It is actually mind blowing. And probably why I’m having phone storage issues, come to think of it.

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