December 7th . 2016

A Few Good Days

I have had the chance I’ve longed for in this season. The chance to have long, slow days. Days to putter. Days to think. Days to walk the dog. Days to watch the birds. Days to wrap. Days to nap. I’m not done with all that (and relax, by “days” I mean two). But in the midst of it all I’ve been so stricken with perfect moments that I’ve had to take a picture right there on the spot. Here are a couple beauts…

And one I didn’t capture was lunching with my sister, on break from her new job close to my house (hooray, hooray!). My favorite part was taking time for coffee. Triple espressos for the both of us.

These days, they are good, and I am grateful.

December 6th . 2016

2016 Holiday Concert, Second Grade Edition

There is no doubt about it, Mrs. Hoy puts on an incredible performance. Hadley has been looking forward to her concert night since school started. And she had every right to.

We were treated to songs like A Latke Recipe (to the tune of Shut Up And Dance With Me; complete with plenty of Dabbing). A boot scootin’ boogie version of Blue Christmas (Hadley line-danced!). And my very very favorite, a lights out, disco ball shining, cranked ALL the way up Indian dance song. Man it was infectious. Hadley told me EVERY second grader was stressed out about it last week because the dance was just too hard. But Mrs. Hoy came back with some new and easier moves just in the nick of time. And once it started I wished that song and dance would go on for the rest of my life. Really. Best elementary school performance I’ve been to.

December 5th . 2016


This Sunday I asked Hadley what she learned in church. She said she didn’t know. Then she asked me what I learned and I told her we were learning about Zechariah. She said, “Oh. Did you learn about how he couldn’t speak for nine months until he named his baby John, even though everyone said he should name the baby Zechariah?”

Do I need to elaborate, or is this hilarious enough for you?

November 30th . 2016

Advent Calendar 2016

You know, my years of stressing out about this have evolved finally into utter preparedness and joy. Somehow I have this lovely little collection of surprises all ready to go and I’ve stayed well within my $1/day total budget. Our little doors are also pre-stuffed with Christmas story tidbits, suggested random acts of kindness and even seasonally appropriate jokes. It makes me very happy to know how much my kids look forward to this tradition I love.

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