October 14th . 2018

A Very Halloweeny Saturday

We kicked things off bright and early Saturday with our favorite Run Scream Run 5k at Wiard’s Orchard in Ypsilanti. Bastien was on the fence about what pace to take since he had hockey immediately following and a big bike race the next day (and let’s be real, he was worried about running through the haunted forest alone). Ultimately he decided on almost his top pace, coming in at 23:31 and placing 42nd out of 1,181 runners. Well dang. It is a little crazy to realize that within those top 42 he was 6th in his 10-14 age group. 6th. Think about all those fast boys out there!

It was also fun having my brother (recently new runner) in the mix this year. I loved that the course was winding, enabling us to spot one another multiple times along the way and cheer. My mom won second in her age group, naturally. I had my fastest 5k in years with a 28:27. The needling is working!

But best of all, Hadley came in for the Cider Mill Mile and killed it in 9:30 flat. She loved collecting candy all along the way. I loved watching her sprint right through a pumpkin patch. I had all the feels watching her finish this race and seeing the huge smile of accomplishment on her face.

And now I’ll finish up by posting pictures like crazy.

October 11th . 2018

Pin Cushion

I’m back in physical therapy for some hip and knee pain. I am being needled regularly by a new guy who clearly enjoys inflicting pain. And while I am fully not happy about it, I do think it’s working this time (as opposed to needling for my neck and shoulder which did NOT work). If all these jabs are for nothing, I will officially join Hadley’s “IT’S NOT FAIR” camp. And I might even punch the PT in the face.

October 7th . 2018

Still Solo Cidermilling

We might have made a family trip this Saturday if it weren’t for all day rain and mega mud. Instead Hadley and I had to fend for ourselves in a 40 minute line Sunday while waiting for Bastien to finish his MTB practice. We had first dibs on the all-time freshest donuts though, and Bastien certainly wasn’t complaining to have one waiting in the car after a tough ride.

Hadley’s into hot cider this year; Bastien, cider slushees.

October 4th . 2018

On The Clock

This week at bedtime Bastien said he needed another “book about an endurance athlete that’s appropriate for kids”. I did some quick searching and settled on Pre, the biography of Steve Prefontaine, and loaded it on a Kindle. We had to get special same-day approval from his teacher to be able to read said book on said Kindle in class. Which meant, I also had to same-day read the novel to make sure he wasn’t getting into any topics “inappropriate for kids”. When I told Jim what I was up to on a Thursday afternoon he declared, “the work of a mother is never done”.

Funny because nothing is truer.

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