February 7th . 2016

Wonderful Weekend


On Saturday I got to spend a whole day with my Grandma for her 84th birthday. There was just so much love all in one place I could barely speak most of the time. Almost all of my cousins (7/8) made it out with their kids (8/14) and all the aunts and uncles, too (4). 

  I just couldn’t stop myself from looking at all those beautiful, happy people and thinking, “Grandma, look what you did with your life!” There are few better accomplishments, I think.

February 3rd . 2016

Chocolate Immersion

My 33 day chocolate fast came to a screeching halt today. It just needed to be time. Thank you avocado-date mousse. Thank you for being amazing and not even putting me over the recommended sugar max for the day. And I cannot forget to thank Jim for loving me enough to make it. Oh, oh, oh,chocolate is so good for my soul. I know this recipe sounds gross, but I promise it is really very wonderful. I can imagine how especially amazing it would be on strawberries. Try it!

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