November 20th . 2014

Like Frosty


Just giving my own bedtime routine a little thought tonight. I guess I have shenanigans of my own.

Besides these two things (and toothpaste, natch) melatonin and lip balm are my constant bedtime companions. And my Kindle. And a few last minute google searches. And a goodnight smooch from my Mazz. And of course my husband. Who is usually asleep at least 30 minutes before I’m ever able.

(This post, like so many others, is dedicated to my sisters. They will look closely for the hidden treasure. They will be envious of my technology. But they will also be assured that I will be laughing myself to sleep all the way till next summer.)

November 19th . 2014

The Sleepover


A special shout out to two very special someones. Look at all the joy! Isn’t it about time for another sleepover?

November 18th . 2014

{JBP} Update: Noah and Adam

While this shoot happened a wee bit ago now, it seemed only right to save this warmth and sweetness for a day that needed it. Like this ridiculous Febvember day, for example. And we do hope you’ve enjoyed these rays of sunshine.

November 17th . 2014

Bedtime shenanigans



Ah, the endlessly frustrating bedtime hour. Which consists strictly of any and all things that put off the actual going to sleep.

November 12th . 2014

When I Was 10 Years Younger

Mazzy Baby

This is what I got myself for my birthday. Love.
I am so blessed to still have her AND feel completely surrounded by love every day.
Thanks for the birthday wishes, lovely friends.

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