April 23rd . 2017

My Happy Place

Let’s just start the week right off on a good note. Below is my current favorite written work in the house. It is a review about a tv series called Cosmos that we were trying to watch as a family. It was too “creepy” for Bastien, but clearly Hadley felt differently. Whenever I need a smile in my heart from now on, I will just pull up this post.

April 20th . 2017

Let’s Not Forget Easter Dash!

2017 was a great year for our race! We exceeded our highest registration ever by at least 50 (386 registered). We raised almost twice the income we’ve ever raised for Community Sharing (final number still out). The rain stopped five minutes before the start gun. And all the runners I love the most took first  place in their age groups. 

My level of involvement in this race was extreme this year and I’m not even joking when I tell you my eye twitched from stress for a full 24 hours during the setup and the race. And also I had PTSD-type dreams afterward. So clearly I have some training to do before I tackle this again next year. But standing back now, boy I feel PROUD of what my little team pulled off!

PS. Bastien’s time was 25:53 for this race!

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