March 26th . 2015

One Last Log on the Fire


 I have had the pleasure of lots of alone time this week. It is the perfect counterpose (as a yoga teacher likes to say) to a weekend of serving others. So on a blustery day, I treated myself to a luxurious, contemplative mid-day yoga practice by the fire using up the last logs of the year. And in those moments I discovered for sure, I have been given everything I need. I plan to live like it.
Have the weekend you’ve always dreamed of having.

March 25th . 2015

Trophy Time

After a spectacular and action-packed seven-month season, hockey is done for the spring/summer. Wah. I have loved watching this boy put his heart into the sport and grow exponentially. For his final game he lofted a goal from about 15 feet out! This is something he’s been working on for months and I’m so excited that he nailed it by the end of the season. He scored almost every game, he never missed a practice or a game in all these months and he never once complained about being there. All around, I am exceptionally proud of Bastien tonight. 



I already can’t wait for next season.

March 24th . 2015

2015 Yoga + Hiking Retreat

We did it again. And the third annual Soul Stretch Christian Yoga Retreat was bigger and better than ever. God showed up in fantastic, awe-inspiring ways. He even brought us sunshine and warm temps, which is what He seems fond of doing for these retreat weekends of ours.

Jim got much recognition for his fabulous cooking (as he well should). Citrus glazed salmon, Kale, date & apple salad, and Spaghetti squash with chicken sausage meatballs are real crowd pleasers as it turns out. At one point there was even a flame-engulfed grill! Jim totally rolled with it. And even my mom got proper thanks for all the clean up she manages like a boss. It was the most fun we’ve had together at one of these events and I’m so grateful for that.

And look, our slideshow even has a bit of an upgrade with video this year! We’ve gone big-time and feel God’s mighty hand in all of it.

2015 Yoga Retreat Slideshow from Jessica Beaubien on Vimeo.

March 22nd . 2015

Weekend Scenes

The following fabulous things were happening simultaneously. I need to catch my breath before I can divulge much more.




March 19th . 2015

Wacky Wednesday

AKA the single day Hadley has ever been compliant about changing for school and getting her hair brushed.

March 18th . 2015

Bastien and Hadley Fighted








“I witit to hav the reset”
(I wanted to have the receipt.)
“Bastien had it frst (rset)”
(Bastien had it first.)
“And we fitd”
(And we fighted.)
“And we fitid antil”
(And we fighted until)
“Mommy set NO”
Mommy said NO.
The last page appears to be written in Russian but all we really need to learn is Mommy said NO and everyone was happy again. “Sdop fat us” (Stop fighting us?)
The End

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