June 20th . 2018

Summer Birthdays 2018 at the PYC

We are bidding our A Team adieu for a couple of years, which called for a gigantic birthday blowout to cover every birthday in May, July and August (which is practically 2/3 the family)! It was wild and bittersweet. These lake bashes are defining memories for all these kiddos so I hope this day can tide them over for a long while. And yes, I weep to think how they will all be so different when next they are reunited. Our sweet cousin club is growing up.

June 19th . 2018

Tuesday Night Sleepover, Just Cuz!

Hadley managed to snag her bestie neighbor for her (neighbor’s) first ever sleepover. We are always amazed when her mom says yes to any of our shenanigans. Hadley and Bastien spent at least an hour prepping Hadley’s room for the big event. Bastien even allowed all of Hadley’s big, pink toys to take up residence in his room to clear space for the air mattress. And he arranged some roses in a vase which I am still dying over. Also, Hadley shelled out some of her own money for some face masks and craft project. I have been paid a thousand times over by all this sweetness.

June 18th . 2018


My goodness. The kayaks were a much bigger hit than I could have imagined. After Hadley got over the anxiety of learning a new skill, she was like a pro… paddling across the lake to jump out and swim to shore and back. Then perform some kayak routines and of course try it out like a paddle board. It was the most exhilarating “school’s out hour” I ever remember having. Summer just got real. Real good that is.

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