December 12th . 2019

Finishing Out The Week

With another picture of my cat’s feet. That’s two in the same week if you’re keeping track. I don’t know what to make of it exactly except it feels really good to be at this point in December and still enjoying the little things.

December 11th . 2019


I like to think of our place as Monica and Rachel’s apartment. I mean we have hosted so many friends up in here. Never mind that they are always under 13 years old. And it seems like even though Bastien has his own friend over and Hadley has her own friend over, they can never help but just mix it all together.

Just like any good sitcom, there is PLENTY of drama always. This week’s included multiple broken or spilled glassware and a raid on my car for all the sunglasses (which I realized the next sunny day). But mostly it was fun to witness and be a part of.

Every single kid who comes over here tells their parents they don’t want to have our kids over because what would they even do without a sledding hill, a zipline, a ninja gym, a fill in the blank thing that we have at our house. But I’m just putting it out into the universe: my kids are up for giving your house a shot at least once!

December 10th . 2019

NYE Family 5K

Who can say how this all got started? But somehow here we are, two days after idea conception, with a website, a logo, an official course, a promo video, a medal design, a whole slew of prize ideas, and yes, even registrants for the First Annual A New Year Is Almost Here 5k!

Do I need to tell you that this is all Bastien? Here is the website he cranked out, sales copy and all. And best new concept for a race ever: a staggered start based on each participant’s PR, to ensure a neck-and-neck finish!

December 9th . 2019

Random Weekend Scenes

Jim has holiday weekend release hours on Fridays now and those 3+ hours make our weekends feel extra epic. Here are some scenes from my camera roll from this last epic weekend, that are so random I dare you to find any cohesive theme whatsoever…

December 8th . 2019

Killing It With The Advent Calendar In 2019

You know it’s not the Christmas season until I’ve been insulted about my loving Advent calendar purchases. This year, I got Hadley some fuzzy socks and decided I’d just put some much needed new running shoes out for Bastien that day. Because first of all, new running shoe day is ALWAYS the best day, right? And second of all, tweens are actually very hard to shop for on a 25c budget, 25 days straight. Well, as it turns out, Bastien liked his new running shoes, but confessed he “would really just like those fuzzy socks.” And hey everyone, just like that: IT’S OFFICIALLY THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!

December 5th . 2019

In Other News, I’m A Farm Owner

This fall I learned part of my inheritance from my Grandma is my very own farm land! This news has been a little bit stressful for Jim and not every detail is buttoned up just yet. But what I do know is I have signed a responsible farmer to work my land for the next five years. And I feel very proud to be a part of the backbone of America!

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