May 23rd . 2019

Our New Baby

The baby of the year is here, Mr. 3-weeks early, 7lb 2oz Callahan Thomas. We are so excited to have a local nephew/cousin to love to pieces. Courtney is a champ and she and Diana will be loving life once they finally get some sleep tonight. PS. I’ve never loved a head of hair more!

May 21st . 2019

A Trillion Trillium

There’s like this two week window each year when this one hill on this one mountain bike trail becomes a field of trillium. Today was one of those rare days in that window, and the trillium were more abundant and beautiful than ever. It was worth all the hard work to get to them. It really is the little things that make a day a good one.

May 20th . 2019

Shopping Spree

Hadley got a couple Claire’s gift cards and Justice money for her birthday so we set out for a good old fashioned shopping spree. I don’t really like to shop, but I admit it was irresistibly fun to have seeming unending money in Claire’s, which has a buy 3 get 3 free promotion. Hadley finally narrowed down her top 12 picks after at least an hour of deliberations. And here she is, looking 20, sporting her new bun donut, velvet scrunchy and Pom Pom earrings.

She also snagged bff necklaces. Aww.

May 19th . 2019

Girls On The Run

Hooray for Hadley! She has accomplished something I didn’t expect this year: a mostly run 5k!

We are so proud of her for attending many weeks of Girls on the Run with a very positive attitude. And after having a mean-to-everyone anxiety attack ONLY once we arrived at the race, and ONLY for about five minutes, we have to say it was all a huge success.

I’m so glad Jim got to run with her and use his 2 minute run/1 minute walk watch timer for motivation.

May 16th . 2019

Woods Cats

They have become very bold lately. This morning we had two hunting around the property. Oddly, they were peaceful with one another. And we all enjoyed watching them. Even Tonka. Which is probably why we have such an influx of cats.

May 15th . 2019

Last Notes on Hadley’s 10th Birthday Party

I spent two hours at the library writing a scavenger hunt out of this fairie book. It (the scavenger hunt) was pretty good if I’m going to pay myself on the back. And it was incredibly rewarding that some repeat guests remembered our scavenger hunt from last year and professed their love. I just want to write that down here on this emotionally charged night when I’ve been accused of “not acting like a mom” and “not acting like I want to live with” Hadley. So someday she can look back and reassure herself that those ideas simply cannot coexist with annual two hour hand written scavenger hunts.

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