May 25th . 2020

Quarantine Update

We finally cut Jim’s hair. And I’ve been making personal menus, then taking pictures of my food. Also, margaritas. I told the kids I’m ready for my own TikTok channel and nothing on earth could amuse them more.

Also we took stock; there has not been one day in the last 90+ where we have needed something we have not had.

May 17th . 2020

Mother’s Day 2020

I asked Jim to take this picture because it’s very clear it’s the last Mother’s Day I will be taller than my kids.

On this 50th-ish day of our quarantine we played a card game called Golf. We played Mario Kart. We went to online church. Jim made me my requested meal of vegan tostadas, nachos, and margaritas (all amazing). We took a family walk. And I got a new bird feeder plus an upgraded premium subscription to Birds and Blooms! I’ll take it.

May 10th . 2020

Quarantined at 11

Hadley had her birthday party in the dreaded quarantine. Every guest she invited showed up. Most of them danced. Somehow they even traded sweet gifts for their porch-delivered goody bags. It was somewhat magical. I am conflicted in my happiness that they all had a pretty darn good time in a completely virtual experience. But above all, I’m very grateful to have witnessed Hadley’s very mature hostessing skills in action, paired with some adorable behind-the-scenes pleading for me to dance with her.

April 26th . 2020

Secret Place and Taking Stock

During this quarantine, it’s been almost impossible to find a place of your own. A weird conflict of ideas if ever there was one. So, how delightful the day to just walk around a lovely and desolate place behind our new property and dream of the future for a bit.

I’ve also been astounded as I’ve taken a minute to review the last six weeks to recognize: our kids have done MANY admirably creative things. Just today Hadley decided to create a slideshow of vacation spots with interesting facts (and even airplane ride intermission slides complete with tickets. AND props for each destination like shell necklaces, sunglasses and winter coats!)

Bastien has cultivated friendships with three new school friends with whom he spends hours every day planning, Minecrafting, and talking on his headset. I never thought this kind of thing would make me happy, but honestly at this moment it makes me ecstatic. He is connecting daily with like-minded kids for the first time in his life.

Lastly, Jim and I were taking stock of our groceries and realized it’s been two weeks again since his last shopping trip. We couldn’t believe two weeks have already flown by. I am completely grateful for our contented state of hearts.

April 20th . 2020

Filling Space

I know someday I will look back and wish I had written more about the time of quarantine and pandemic. So to future self I say, remember how good it felt just to stare out the window, or name the birds on the porch, or realize you could in fact sit with Hadley through all of her hours of math struggles because there was nothing else pressing to get to? I say, remember when ever single food storage shelf of your house was packed to the brim because Jim took care of you so well? But then you all had to worry that possibly everyone in the house would get sick in the because of that grocery trip. Remember when you felt never freer and never so completely trapped all in the same hour? You see, future self, it’s just an exhausting thing to write about.

April 12th . 2020

Easter 2020 Part 1 – Porch Visits

Just like every other day of quarantine thus far, our Easter weekend had it’s ups and downs. But it was fairly joyous, all things considered. Here are a few snapshots of things like visiting and being visited, Easter Bunny style. And Easter decorating in its various forms. What is not pictured are the Zoom Olympics where we narrowly missed an ER visit due to a sprinting wipeout. Also a brief Beaubien family zoom. Many rousing games with Grammy over VR on “diffuse the bomb”. And, an all-family House Party sesh to round out the weekend. Also, a very long, but hope-filled online church. Mostly, there was a LOT of food prep and eating, which was particularly notable being 15 days post-grocery shopping. We’ll get up some food pics at a later date because I will never forget the way it truly seemed like manna from heaven!

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