February 21st . 2018

Puzzles and Waffles in CLE

One last thing to note about our midwinter break is that we successfully transported and more importantly) finished Jim’s Valentines puzzle. What we did not do successfully was eat at our beloved Lucky’s which turns out to be closed in Tuesday’s. D’oh!!!

We did find a decent alternative that served cookies and milk waffles and juice in all shades of color. So there’s that.

February 20th . 2018

Ray’s in the CLE

I can’t even believe how much the kids were dying to get back to this place. Bastien, I sort of understand. And I’m thoroughly impressed that he took a fall right out of the gate and didn’t kill us with his embarrassment for all the hours that followed.

You guys, Ray’s Indoor Bike Park is hard and scary. And Hadley just waltzes in there like she is BMX queen or something.

Truthfully she spent most of her time on the easy pump track she mastered last time and practicing skills in the novice area. But somehow we talked her into the new pump track which is exactly like a roller coaster you pedal. SO MUCH FUN! The place was packed and that was very intimidating. But somehow she worked up the courage and then we pretty much just rode from one pump track to the next to the next continuously for at least an hour. It was the best kind of fun one can very rarely have with “Catley.”

We bought new matching family sweatshirts and milkshakes to celebrate. And the kids have all but asked for a blood contract to go back next year.

February 14th . 2018

Cray Cray

You guys. I’m going a little crazy after so so sooo many days of sick kids and snow days. I have not run in a week. Have not been to a yoga class. I barely know how to interact with people who aren’t lying around moaning and asking for water with ice, while another one is whining for me to come out and play.

Valentine’s Day had its bright spots. Time was spent with all my loves. I even got to race each kid down the yard in a sled which was thrilling. And take a long walk with Mazz in the brilliant sunshine. Jim lovingly adorned me with wireless rose gold Beats, which shall forevermore be my favorite earrings. And these were just a very few of the best moments in my day. It is quite crazy to recount this and still recognize how many moments of defeat and frustration I felt in this very same day.

Here’s to tomorrow. And whatever it will bring…

February 13th . 2018

Renegades Playoffs Update

Perhaps you’re wondering where we stand, three out of four games into the playoffs? We stand 2 wins and 1 tie, that’s where we stand!!! Sadly Bastien missed game two (the tie) because of the plague. And somehow roused himself from the dead for several great shifts in game three. This weekend is the last game and you’ll never fully know how excited I am about THAT!

Go Green, Go White, Go Renegades!

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