September 15th . 2014

Bastien’s 7th Birthday, Part 2

Time happened and these pics almost got lost in the archives! But I know you’ve all been wondering how we finished celebrating Bastien’s seventh birthday. And you shall wait no more. I love that Bastien’s old enough to request we bring back his old birthday favorites. Which this year was of course the paper lanterns that almost set my parents’ house on fire. Oh yeah and in other dangerous news, he also got a motorcycle. But no, he has not been able to ride it to school just yet. Finally, he got the spanking tunnel. And Hadley immediately demanded to go through it herself. And, well, can you blame her?

September 14th . 2014

School Days




The kids’ new school is a heavy user of social media. Which is great because I actually get to peer into their secret life from time to time. It’s going really well if you’re wondering. Because of things like stuffed animal day. And losing a tooth at snack time. And assemblies. And what the heck… When are they actually going to learn something…?

September 10th . 2014

All Hockey, All the Time


We’ve moved up in the ranks and Bastien now has hockey twice a week. Until April. That is crazy to even say, let alone think about logistically. Fortunately it’s all in one place, which we lovingly refer to as the Time Warp since it takes under twenty minutes to travel to, regardless of where in the world you are starting from. In fact, from now on, wherever I have to go, I’m just going to head to the arena first and shave 10 minutes off my overall drive time.

But in all seriousness, the most exciting thing has happened! One of Bastien’s 26 new first grade classmates recognized him from last year’s hockey class, and sure enough they are in the same group again this year. The odds of this are pretty remarkable considering there are only 24 kids on the ice and the arena is 3-4 communities east of us. As you can imagine this coincidence has caused quite a stir of interest around here. And it was an instant friendship for Bastien. Which in turn leads to happy days at a new school. Thank God I finally have a little evidence for Jim that hockey is indeed good for something.

September 8th . 2014


People, we just might be the biggest MTB fans on the planet by now. Because look at what we did in our yard. In our spare time. Just because we could.

September 7th . 2014

Silver Lake: Beach Hopping

If you ever get the opportunity to beach hop a coast of Michigan, I highly recommend it. Each beach is so unique, and the Great Lakes are of course indeed GREAT. Beach hopping is what we did the last day of our last vacation, and it will probably be one of my favorite vacation memories forever. Spent the entire day in our suits, starting with our hotel’s pool overlooking Silver Lake and Dunes…

Once our hotel hours were officially over we moved right along to an interesting little driftwood beach down the road…

And we finally landed in Muskegon State Park. Loved, loved, loved it!

September 4th . 2014

Bastien & Hadley 2014

These are our beautiful children at 5 and 7. Duh. Well actually it does always surprise me when people ask where our kids got their blonde hair from. In my mind, my hair still looks exactly like Hadley’s and Jim’s like Bastien’s. Anyway, I am pleased as punch with the results of this photo session at Tollgate Farm. I must admit to not being pleased however about the meltdown someone had regarding standing next to her “gross” brother. And also, it was not pleasing when we discovered we had been locked into this park. (!) But otherwise, pleased as punch. Grandparents, aunts, place your orders!

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