March 22nd . 2017

Secret Place: Forbidden Lake

There’s a fence behind the kids’ school. The fence has a gate. Behind the gate is this lake. After almost three full years, we discovered the gate OPENS. This is what’s on the other side. We are breaking all the rules and we are not sorry about it.

On a side note, Bastien and friend discovered a little bit of woods on the other far edge of the playground. Inside the woods they found an “alcohol bottle”. What I love the very most is Bastien cannot even talk about it without blushing. This is all so coming of age now, isn’t it?

March 21st . 2017

Lawyer in Training

I’m positive there has never been a day in her talking life that Hadley has not let us know what is fair and what is not. Mostly the latter. Whenever I serve anything to the kids, she takes a look first at the portion I put down in front of Bastien. I am understating all of this. You’ve never met a person more in tune with the injustice of our world. 

If every school assignment was like this one, she would be in college already.

March 19th . 2017

Puzzle Therapy 

On Friday I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with my Grandma, an aunt and an uncle. I brought with me Jim’s lentil soup (a bean staple in our house at this point), and a couple puzzles. At first my grandma was reluctant to be drawn into the puzzle. My aunt and uncle were a different story however and we had a surprisingly fun time over it. It truly turned out to be a perfect way to spend the snowy day together… eating soup and subs, drinking coffee, and casually conversing over a three hour, 300 piece puzzle. I felt very much that my Dad was there through the four of us who carry both his genes and so much of his loving character. I cannot tell you how wonderful this was for my soul.

I was pleased to get a text from my aunt on Sunday morning that my Grandma had started the second puzzle I left behind. You see, one cannot resist the allure of a puzzle. I remain  grateful for this simple gift.

March 16th . 2017

Bliss Amidst Stress

I’ve been pretty stressed out lately. The next month is full speed ahead with most of my biggest responsibilities of the year for Soul Stretch and Easter Dash. Almost half of my Soul Stretch retreaters have backed out in the last week due to illness and injury and managing this alone is making my head explode. We only have one week to get it all together!

Plus I’m in physical therapy fairly full time at the moment (I’m not complaining, but it is time consuming and an hour drive round trip). And, both kids have been sick… Hockey has another week left… I could go on and on. I’m sure we’re all feeling our own stress and I know it will pass. And plus, PLUS we have spring break in this month. This is both exciting and stressful in its own way.

So I’m thinking of just taking the summer off. I mean it’s a real thought that I fantasize about regularly. I’m not sure where we’d go or what we’d do but boy do I think about it!

In the meantime, I savor moments like this… my 20 minute walk that I work into most days. Just me and the Mazz. And always something beautiful to notice along the way.

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