August 19th . 2014

Happy Birthday to My Oldest Babe

It is always bittersweet tucking your child in the night before their birthday. Good night for the last time to my six year old boy. That quickly gets put into perspective when you look at pictures from the very day they were born. How far we’ve come! How wonderfully far we’ve yet to go.


August 18th . 2014

Happy Birthday Uncle!


Interesting TheJLBs trivia: every uncle in this family has his birthday in July or August. Here’s my bro, turning the big 2-2.

August 17th . 2014

All About Me




Saturday morning Hadley was watching me brush my bed head. She told me she “LOVED” my hair because it looked “not like a mom.”

This absolutely made my day and put some major pep in my step. In fact, it led me to a successful rear wheel mountain bike changing escapade. Not once, but twice because I immediately popped the first one. Woo! This was followed by a blazing three mile run. Which was followed by a fierce 15 mile mountain bike ride. During which I earned 22 PRs on a course I’ve ridden a LOT of times this summer. Seriously, look how far one little compliment can take somebody.

Please tell someone they look “not like a mom” today and rock their world.

August 14th . 2014

Because I Care






Sometimes, when summer break feels endless, you begin to question if you actually care for your kids anymore. I know that sounds terrible, but I also know some of you know exactly what I mean. But these kiddos of mine are about to embark upon a whole new school adventure and just thinking about how scary that was for me and how scary it might also be for them, I realized ohmygoodness, I need to care for them now more than ever.

That’s why I’ve been taking them on weekly trips to their new school grounds. To play games on the playgrounds, peek in the windows and talk and wonder about everything we see. What we are doing is sneaking in some positive association before the bell rings on that very first day.

Today we upped the ante by hiding a few plastic animals from home all around the playground for them to search for on their own (or with new friends) one of those scary early days in the very near future. So not only do we have positive association, we also have distraction in the form of a SECRET MISSION. Here’s hoping it works. (For the record, it feels really good to care.)

August 13th . 2014

I Had No Idea Watermelons Were This Beautiful


That’s because I always make Jim cut it. I was actually astonished when I discovered the beauty inside our fruit. It felt a little like that old banana prank by Mr. Wizard.

I hope you google that now and spend the rest of the day reliving the magic of my childhood.

PS. I was actually trying to pull this technique off. And obviously failed at step one. Which leads to why I have Jim cut all the fruit in the first place.

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