February 20th . 2020

Working For the Weekend

Hadley got me these for Valentines Day and I’ve been looking at them longingly all five minutes I’ve actually been in my home this week. But now I’m ready to settle in with them and just feel the love (and maybe I’ll make an epic fire in the wood stove and also eat the stack of vegan brownie cream sandwiches Jim gave me as well).

February 19th . 2020

Let’s Talk About What This Is

This is my car BURSTING at the seams with 4 kids, 3 pairs of skis, 1 snowboard, all the winter-wear to accompany (minus 1 glove, sadly) on our way to Mt. Brighton, 2 days after returning from Caberfae, Crystal Mountain, and Boyne Highlands. Isn’t that wild?

February 18th . 2020

Caberfae! Caberyay!

While Jim was away, boy did we play! I am so impressed and so in love with this ski resort in Cadillac, Michigan. We plotted out our crockpot meals, both vegan and omni, packed up the Cocomotion, with both vegan and milk ingredients, and hit the road with a car full of skis at 8am sharp on Saturday morning.

We met Courtney, Diana and Cal in the lodge at noon and basically got down to business skiing. Our parents arrived in the late afternoon to take over Cal duty and the kids and I ended up shutting down the slopes together that night. We did take some breaks for our minestrone soup, sloppy joes and perfect hot chocolate.

We went to bed SO tired in our beautiful brand-new, slope-side room. And at 8am the next day we were proud to be first plugging in our crockpot again for Diana’s vegan chicken pot pie which I am still passionately thinking about. We skied our hearts out and the kids even talked me into moving up from the green hills to one fast blue run. By that point I was more confident that all my joints weren’t actually breaking and it was all just so much fun. It almost felt like a dream it was so perfect. Endorphin and oxytocin overload!

We tried to close the place down again but were pretty frozen and exhausted by 6pm so we smartly packed up and headed for home. Bastien logged over 25 skiing miles that day alone! It was a long 3 hour drive for me, with both kids sleeping in the back, but very much smooth sailing.

We immediately, and I do mean immediately, began planning for next year. It feels so good to have found a tween approved activity that is truly very appealing for all ages. I just can’t wait for next time.

February 13th . 2020


I miss when the kids used to call it that. And address every card with “Grandson”. This year Hadley wanted to make heart shaped brownies. Which turned out to be more difficult than you’d think. But she and Jim cranked them out and we are all ready to share the love tomorrow after all.

February 12th . 2020

So Long Starbucks

I haven’t been to Starbucks in like forever. Instead I’ve been scaling the fridge cart at Kroger to score a sweet deal on the best non-dairy creamer around. I really did climb right up the cart and I am not ashamed. Because with a sale and some great coupon action, each one of these bottles cost like half the price of one Starbucks espresso drink. And luckily I’m not even drinking one whole creamer bottle at a time. Yet.

February 11th . 2020

Little Reminders

I received a few little items from my grandma’s house this week that really make me think of her. Especially this little sign she had by her back door all my life. It fills me with her presence and really makes me happy. I’m sure she never knew I thought about that message every single time I was leaving her house.

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