November 27th . 2014

What Were You Doing At 5am Thanksgiving Morning?


We were just clowning around.
Sorry. It’s practically 20 hours later and I’m just finally resting from this big, wonderful day. Will try to be more funny and less punny in the new week. Till then, good luck with all your shopping!

November 26th . 2014

Grateful For Tradition


It’s hard not to feel thankful for my life. For my very able body. For my beautiful family. For memories made and yet to come. I cannot think about Thanksgiving without this run being among the very top items in my head.

I’m so grateful, God, for the course you’ve set out for me.

Wishing you all the kind of Thanksgiving you love to love.
Gobble gobble,

November 25th . 2014

Official Map of TheJLBs MTB Trail


AKA: “I made a mountain bike trail.” (Small Moment by Bastien)

We’ve had a hard time naming our first loop. But now I’m very seriously considering getting an engraved sign for the trail head that reads: “Mad MTB Chral”.

November 24th . 2014


Just when you think her attitude alone has ruined all the feng shui in your home forever, she goes and does this.



November 23rd . 2014

Love Chain

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Believe it or not this was Hadley’s brainchild. She started the chain with me actually. She loves me the most. But that’s not the point here. Bastien quickly swooped in and boy was the love multiplying like crazy then. Here’s what won’t surprise you: there were tons of tears and fist fights over the love chain along the way. Perhaps we should consider renaming it the love/hate chain, really.

November 20th . 2014

Like Frosty


Just giving my own bedtime routine a little thought tonight. I guess I have shenanigans of my own.

Besides these two things (and toothpaste, natch) melatonin and lip balm are my constant bedtime companions. And my Kindle. And a few last minute google searches. And a goodnight smooch from my Mazz. And of course my husband. Who is usually asleep at least 30 minutes before I’m ever able.

(This post, like so many others, is dedicated to my sisters. They will look closely for the hidden treasure. They will be envious of my technology. But they will also be assured that I will be laughing myself to sleep all the way till next summer.)

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