August 25th . 2016

Silver Lining

I’m not gonna lie. Bastien’s new hockey schedule stressed me right out. Practices on the only two nights I teach, games on the one morning I volunteer. I did not see that coming when I forked over the hefty signup fee.

Well as it turns out, the practices save me gas and traffic time since they’re halfway to my teaching locations. Being close to Jim’s work, they also enable him to leave work at a reasonable time (as opposed to early, which he’s had to do to accommodate my schedule all these years).

And big, unexpected bonus: sometimes I can sneak a run in on the upper track. Which is pleasantly unhumid and cool. And enables me watch my favorite player whilst getting in some serious miles. 

I’m kinda liking this.

PS. I should probably learn to trust more.

August 22nd . 2016

This Cat

Can we just stop for a second and have a laugh about this family member of ours, Tonka?

Word to the wise: if you would like to have a well-trained a cat of your own, choose a kitten who doesn’t know any better and make sure you have two VERY handsy kids around for the first year of her life. 

August 21st . 2016

At Least You’re Not Wearing A Plastic Bag On A 95 Degree Day

Niagara Falls was beautiful. And also scorching. And busy. Like overwhelmingly busy. But we had some pretty good moments there checking out the falls’ front, back and side views. Bastien had the world’s biggest hotdog for his birthday. And we enjoyed some synchronized diving acts by the kids at the Holiday Inn pool. And also plenty of certain moments that the kids would drop their iPods directly into the falls trying to get some great shots. Oh, and let’s not forget our $80 IHOP breakfast. Oh Niagara Falls, you so silly!

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