October 30th . 2014



I feel like now that I have more time to do everything, I have less time to do anything well. You know what I mean? So Halloween eve arrives and I realize in a moment of snack-packing despair that I have done nothing to add my own loving touch to the day my kids have been looking forward to since August. Not even a tiny gesture to show them I care about the things they care about. I am officially, inadvertently the Grinch of Halloween. (This is all nonsense of course since I am actually volunteering my time and craftiness at one of their school parties tomorrow, but I digress). So my gratitude tonight goes out to Sharpie, which saves the day more often than duct tape.
Halloween or bust, everyone!
Mrs. JLB

October 28th . 2014

Fight Club Bike Club






I’ve been thinking of this little mountain bike obsession. And how it started off with strict rules. Like, never ride alone. Ok maybe that was the only rule. But we both broke it this week.

The trails are so alluring, the regular season fading fast. We just have to get out there while the gettin’s good. Or at least get-able. I will be the first to admit that my solo late afternoon ride to the Loop of Pain today was one of the scarier things I’ve done. Yes in my life. You never know what might happen out there or who you might happen upon. Plus I haven’t spent enough time in the woods at this hour to know when it’s too dark to see. I mean already the path is so covered in leaves it is impossible to find for certain at times.

And then there’s the whole host of injuries we wear under our clothes. Broken ribs, swollen shins, lumpy knees, etc. We hope no one knows they’re under there. But in another way we very much wince in pride during an exposing knee to the ground pose in yoga.

What I’m trying to say is the mountain biking situation is getting a little out of hand. And I would not at all be surprised to find out tomorrow that I made this beautiful, painful solo ride up in some crazy compartment of my brain.

October 28th . 2014

Trick Shots

It’s a rainy day.
A. Watch all the Dude Perfect Trick Shots videos on YouTube.
B. Watch Bastien’s “Trick Snots” knockoff.
C. Try this stuff at home.
D. You’re welcome for the best day of your life.

October 26th . 2014

Pumpkin Carving 2014

I can’t believe my favorite party of the year has already come and gone. Upping the game this year, we carved for prizes. Bastien won spookiest pumpkin, Jo and Dad tied for silliest, and Hadley BEST. Which does not explain her tears. Or numerous storms up to her bedroom to pout. Perhaps they were tears of joy. Perhaps we will never know.

October 23rd . 2014

Two Great Ideas

Mine: picking the kids up from school for a “Reverse Halloween Parade.” We drove around looking at everyone’s decorations whilst eating candy leftover from the last parade we attended. This was a home run mom move, as you can imagine. Even though I forgot the silly spooky Halloween CD. Next time.

Theirs: Bastien’s class uses this website sponsored by the Screen Actors Guild to learn emotive reading/storytelling. It could already be old news to all the other elementary school moms out there for all I know. But we sure had the best time listening to and watching Sebastian’s Roller Skates together tonight.

That’s all I got.

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