September 3rd . 2015

First Phone Call

Bastien called his older girlfriend tonight. He insisted on using speakerphone so I could help. I texted her mom to give her a heads up first. Because how weird  is it when a child calls your house but doesn’t know that you’re actually supposed to speak.

The conversation was every bit as uncomfortable as you’re envisioning. But wooohooo we have a play date!

September 2nd . 2015

That Day With Those Worms

True Story:
So on this one day recently I got all done with my MTB ride. I went into Starbucks to refresh. I’m driving home. I DISCOVER AN ALIEN LIVING IN MY HAIR. Trust me, no matter how disgusted you are, I am 10X more so. I am trying hard to pretend this is a badass mountain bike story to tell my grandchildren.

In search of a protective bubble that accommodates lush-haired women on mountain bikes.

August 31st . 2015

Christmas in August

Well, it happened. Christmas finally arrived for the miniJLBs and the concert we’ve been talking about for at least a year has come and gone. To say they were overwhelmed is an understatement. But really a concert of One Direction proportion would be intimidating to anyone. Especially farm kids like these guys. So the protective ear wear stayed firmly in place (much to my delight). 

Security had Ford Field locked down, which was also comforting to a mother’s heart. And still it managed to be a pretty awesome spectacle. PLUS we got to celebrate Liam’s birthday with him. And who can say they’ve done that? Well besides the thousands of other people we were with anyway. 


Pop concerts are just way radder than when I was a girl. Louder too, probably.

August 30th . 2015

Bastien’s Mountain Biking, Tailgating 8th Birthday Party

My favorite! My very favorite party theme of all time. God bless the boy and his plan that hatched many months ago called the Crazy Max mountain bike party AND ADD ON a recent fascination with tailgate parties and walking tacos and you have a total winner. 

We set up on a stop of our favorite Island Lake trail and got the party started. We took a few one mile laps and we played a few tailgate games and we watched his sweet dad-made cake melt in the sun. It was so epic I absolutely plan to revisit this theme for my own party in November. 

August 27th . 2015

No Medal For This Guy

 Can you believe Jim ran 13 miles last weekend? Just because? Not like in a race? Can you believe he even smiled for this pic? Because let me tell you, when he emerged from the woods he was not smiling.

I’m proud. There, I said it. And everyone who runs thirteen miles all at once deserves some recognition. So the next time you see him give him a “nice job.” He’ll love it.

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